Gutters & Protection

Gutters & Protection

Signs of the Time: Gutters

Living in Middle Tennessee means living with a lot of water. But before that water reaches our beautiful rivers and lakes, it attacks our homes. We rely on our gutters and downspouts to protect our investment by channeling damaging storm water away from our homes. That is why it's so important to recognize the following indicators that your gutters may be failing or are already plumb worn out. Below are 5 signs you should consider replacing your gutters.

After a rain event, you may notice evidence that water is spilling over your gutters. Sure indicators include pooling water, dirt channels, eroding landscaping, and a flooding basement or crawl space. 

Wild plant growth can be beautiful in a shady corner of your lawn, but in a gutter it spells trouble. This is a strong indicator that your gutter is not free flowing and can contribute to greater home exterior problems, including contributing to roof rot.

Kind of like a good song, pitch is everything with a properly functioning gutter system. Tell-tale signs of a pitch problem include areas of sagging or buckling in the gutter, nails or screws on the ground, and visible spaces between the gutter and fascia board.

When gutters pull away from the roof line, water can seep down onto your siding or trim. Sure signs of this issue include peeling paint, algae and fungi growth, and rust spots.

A gutter system only manages water appropriately when it’s contained. Frequent gutter separation, holes, and cracks at the seams allow water to escape and create damage to your home exterior.

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Seamless gutters come in a variety of colors, while featuring lasting dependability. Top it off by throwing on some gutter protection and now you have a complete water management system. Take a look at some of these beautiful gutter transformations.

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