Signs of the Time: Skylights

Skylights can be a valuable asset for your home, adding valuable natural light, while also increasing the market value of your property. This feature gives any room a unique beauty and a modern feel to any home, old or new. Research shows that natural light increases health benefits, including boosting moods and increasing productivity. Homeowners can reap these health benefits with skylights, but only if they are functioning properly. Below are 5 signs you should consider replacing your skylights.

Excessive moisture between glass panes and on the glass surface is not only unsightly, but it’s the sign of larger issues. Condensation typically indicates seal failure and could lead to moisture damage or mold growth inside your home.

Green growths and black streaking indicate moss, algae, or more alarming organic growths. These are usually an indicator of more significant, hidden moisture and water damage.

Harsh sunlight or frost and thaw cycles can wreak havoc on skylights, causing frames to warp, crack, or rot. These are signs your skylights have reached the end of their protective lifespan. 

Flashing around skylights protects your home from rain and weather penetration. Periodically check skylight flashing for cracks, breaks, or missing caulking to insure proper defense against the elements.

Higher than normal energy bills can be a strong indicator of worn out skylights. Unseen gaps or holes, coupled with a lack of protective UV coating in the glass, can lead to energy loss and create an uncomfortable living environment.

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Skylights make a bold statement in any home. Skylight projects not only transform any space with beautiful natural light, but increase energy efficiency. Find inspiration for your skylight project below.

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